Sustainable Development Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

CRED has been committed to connecting people with beautiful places
in our environment. Society. Governance (ESG)
Practice plays an important role in the realization of this vision.

Carry out sustainable development and live in harmony with nature and human beings

CRED will implement the concept of environmental protection, public welfare, efficiency and responsibility in its work. Our team has set clear goals and earnestly fulfill their responsibilities, regardless of the size of the matter, and believe that in the future. It is enough to make a contribution to the Company and the society. We are committed to achieving profitability and long-term growth through sustainable development to ensure the Company's goals and environment. Society. Governance (ESG) is a coherent vision while striving for a win-win development of society, environment, and business.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Environmental Sustainability

    Sustainable human development can be achieved through continuous encouragement of environment friendly buildings, efficient use of natural resources, and concern for and respect for the environment in which human beings live.

  • Social                                                         Sustainability

    Social Sustainability

    Create a sustainable, successful place by understanding the needs of space for people, combining the design of the physical domain with the design of the social world, and supporting the development space of social diversity.

  • Corporate Sustainability

    Corporate Sustainability

    In the process of pursuing the survival and development of the enterprise, the management objective of the enterprise is organically combined with the sustainable development strategy of core values, innovation and culture.

  • Employee Sustainability

    Employee Sustainability

    Employees are the core resources of our development. We value the contribution of each employee to the development of the enterprise. We strive to create a safe, inclusive and diverse working environment for our employees, and support the sustainable career development of each employee.

Practice our Concept of Sustainability

Since its establishment, CRED has always practiced the concept of sustainable development,
and at the same time promoted the business, exerted the effective strength of the enterprise and made due contribution to the society.


Prefabricated Building Materials are Widely used in CRED Projects

CRED widely uses prefabricated building materials in its development projects. As compared with traditional buildings, prefabricated buildings are constructed faster, less affected by climate and labor-saving. More importantly, the building is convenient to disassemble, can be recycled, and reduces the generation of construction waste. CRED has been committed to the sustainable development of the Company's momentum, environmental protection, public welfare, efficiency, responsibility in the real implementation of the concept in the work.

Prefabricated Building Materials are Widely used in CRED Projects
CRED Guarantees the Construction of Yangpu District Module Hospital in Shanghai

CRED Guarantees the Construction of Yangpu District Module Hospital in Shanghai

During the epidemic period since April, each district of Shanghai had been gradually blocked and controlled. The roads were not smooth and the resources were scarce. The demand for food and accommodation for epidemic prevention personnel increased. The construction of the module hospital of Yangpu District Springs Plaza Project was challenged. In order to assist the relevant departments to solve the logistical support problems, the Shanghai Qiangshen Property Company Group, a subsidiary of CRED, actively coordinated the resources of all parties, sought various ways, kept the water and electricity smooth and the road transportation smooth, ensured the efficient operation of the module hospital with 3,000 beds, and contributed to the anti-epidemic escort.


CRED promotes information construction, vigorously advocates paperless office

CRED continuously promotes the enterprise information construction and paperless office. It has developed project management software and office automation software in cooperation with leading software companies in the industry respectively, which has improved the enterprise management efficiency and professional ability, reduced the consumption of resources and energy, and set an example for energy saving, emission reduction and low-carbon economy.

CRED promotes information construction, vigorously advocates paperless office
Green Building-From the Beginning of Design

Green Building-From the Beginning of Design

In each of the participating projects, CRED has highly adhered to the concept of green building. From the beginning of the design, it was strictly in accordance with the national green building standards, considering the harmonious relationship between human and nature from every detail of the building, so that the building became an organic component of the way of life.