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Join Zhongfang Real Estate, grow together with us, achieve a better self!

Why join us?

Young and full of energy, We encourage innovation and love to hear different ideas

We are calm and collected, and we value fearlessness and courage more. We come from different backgrounds but share the same qualities: passion, creativity, denial of mediocrity, openness and inclusion. We come together in pursuit of meaningful achievement.

The rapidly changing and unpredictable market presents tremendous opportunities that are both exciting and challenging. At Zhongfang Real Estate, we advocate "enjoy work, love life" through various activities to help all employees develop friendship, cultivate hobbies, and relieve pressure. Work hard, play hard!

Why join us?
What do we do?

Set up a put people first And a sustainable future

At Zhongfang Real Estate, our goal is to provide our clients with attractive and efficient benefits and services through the construction, investment and management of real estate. At the same time, we hope that while promoting business development, we can affect People's Daily life from the perspective of society, and bring positive energy to the development of society.

What do we do?

Our welfare

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salary incentive

Pay for efficiency and growth, and encourage continuous value creation

salary incentive

Training growth

Multiple training and dual career development channels encourage continuous growth

Training growth

Welfare care

Full welfare care for you and your family

Welfare care

Real estate talent recruitment

legal assistant

  • Two people
  • legal affairs
  • Beijing

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist the company leaders to correctly implement national laws and regulations, assist in drafting or organizing the review of the company's important rules and regulations;

2. Assist the heads of all departments of the company to correctly implement national laws and regulations and company rules and regulations, and review the rules and regulations formulated by various departments of the company;

3. Participate in major business decisions of the company, and put forward legal opinions according to law; Handling relevant legal work when presiding over or participating in major economic activities of the company;

4. Manage the company's legal affairs, organize the company's intellectual property management, industrial and commercial affairs, arbitration litigation and other legal affairs;

5. Organize and implement legal publicity and training for employees;

6. Put forward corrective opinions on violations of laws and regulations by other departments of the company, and assist relevant departments to rectify them. test

Job qualification

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in law;

2, more than one year of relevant legal work experience;

3, strong communication skills, team spirit;

4. Agile and meticulous thinking, clear thinking, strong language and writing ability;

5. Legal professional qualification certificate is preferred;

6. Good personal image and temperament, fluent Mandarin, strong business communication skills;


administrative assistant

  • One person
  • function
  • Shanghai

Job responsibilities: Testing

1. Responsible for coordinating and handling daily work related to the department, including but not limited to meetings, visitor reception, office supplies management, etc.

2. Responsible for environmental planning and safety management of the office.

3. High-quality response to the administrative needs of various departments in the office area, as well as emergency reporting and handling.

4. Check and statistics of administrative expense bills.

5. Managed various suppliers and controlled costs according to department requirements.

6. Complete other temporary affairs arranged by the leader.

Requirements: Testing

1. Excellent communication and public relations ability, with the ability to solve emergencies;

2. Good writing, speaking and reading skills in Chinese and English;

3. Familiar with OFFICE administration knowledge and workflow, proficient in office software;

4. Careful work, strong sense of responsibility, integrity, with strong written and oral expression skills;

5. Have strong interpersonal communication and coordination skills, strong team spirit;

6. Good image, good temperament.



  • 1人
  • 职能
  • 北京